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Ron Heagy

Ron Heagy was the quintessential high school "stud." Excelling in athletics, he had a college football scholarship awaiting him after graduation. Over spring break of his senior year, Ron and his brother Mike decided to head down to Southern California from Oregon to visit some friends. During that time Ron tried his luck at surfing, and a catastrophic accident occurred. Ron hit a sandbar head on, breaking his neck and damaging his spinal cord, one day before his 18th birthday.

For the past 20 years Ron Heagy has been confined to a wheelchair, his "chariot," as a high level quadriplegic. Instead of getting bitter, he got better. Ron changed his attitude and began to accomplish things with purpose. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees with a pencil in his mouth, graduating summa cum laude from San Diego State University.

Ron Heagy also become an accomplished "mouth" painter and author, as well as a loving husband and father. He started a non profit organization called Life Is An Attitude, which focuses on motivational speaking to high school kids and at risk teens, raising money to purchase adaptive equipment for children with disabilities, and developing Camp Attitude, a camp for kids in wheelchairs and their families.

Ron Heagy Topics

  • Never Give Up


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