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Paco Underhill

Paco Underhill has spent more than 25 years conducting research on the different aspects of shopping behavior, earning his status as a leading expert and pioneer in the field. Paco Underhill helps companies understand what motivates the behaviors of today's consumer. His research shows how today's retail world is ruled by factors such as gender, "trial and touch" and human anatomy.

Paco Underhill is an insightful and captivating speaker, who frequently presents to trade associations and professional groups about the methodology and findings of his research.

Paco Underhill and his company have been profiled by major publications, such as, The New Yorker, Fortune, Fast Company, Business Week and Smithsonian Magazine, and have been featured on ABC's 20/20, and CBS's 48 Hours. Paco Underhill is a regular contributor to NPR and BBC Radio. Underhill's columns and editorials have appeared in the New York Times, London Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Christian Science Monitor. His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping has been published in twenty-six languages, and has sold more copies than any other retail book in history. His second book is entitled Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping.

Paco Underhill Topics

  • Science of Shopping 101: How Store Planning Affects Store Performance
    This seminar walks through the store from a shopper perspective. We fill in the missing pieces between drawing board and retail trenches. You値l take away the information you need to build a better store.
  • Signage and Merchandising: Making In-Store Communications Work
    This seminar focuses on the many incarnations of signs. We値l cover who uses what signs where, for how long, and why. You値l walk away with the knowledge to use signs as selling tools.
  • The Future of Category Management
    This category management focused seminar starts from a bird痴 eye view of your aisle and zooms into the details that make a shelf work. From this seminar, you値l learn how to turn the confines of your environment into success
  • The State of Retail and Industry Trends
    The world grows and changes everyday; so does the state of retail. The flexibility to adapt to tomorrow痴 changes comes from a solid footing today. We値l share our insights to help you get that footing


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