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Andrew Walker

At the age of 28, one could say Andrew was 'living the dream'.

He was ambitious, successful and traveled around the majority of the world. Andrew remembers sitting on a rock in Goa, on a beautiful beach, thinking 'how wonderful life is, what could possibly go wrong?'

Hours later whilst hitting a rock, diving into that same sea, he was lying face down, paralysed from the neck down, trying not to drown. Andrew suffered a level C4/C5 spinal cord injury.

Now 6 years on, Andrew is still paralysed but life is far from over. His miraculous life story has continued, leading a life full of adrenalin! Sailing, skiing, mountain climbing and many charity activities to name but a few. Andrew has been able to do this in his wheelchair by controlling his movements with his chin. Andrew's latest challenge was playing Steve Kelly on Emmerdale.

It is now Andrew's mission to show people that everyone can live their dreams, no matter what comes their way, hoping that his life can demonstrate how a positive mental attitude can achieve great success in living life, education & business. Andrew's message is one of positivity, humour and determination, to not only accept what is, but to turn that to your advantage.

A story told with irrepressible humour, infectious enthusiasm and immediately engaging personality, has made his speeches an instant success with companies, schools & colleges who invite him back to speak time and again. An inspiring and moving speaker, Andy is in demand as both a keynote/motivational speaker and after dinner speaker. He has spoken at City Dinner Events, Charity Fundraisers, Local Government, Small audiences of students & children of all ages, large theatres of undergraduates through to large PLC's and recently spoke to over 400 celebrities at the BBC Diversity Awards in Manchester.

Engage Andrew to speak with your staff in their work environment and he will guaranteed provide a motivating talk designed to bring about business inspiration.

Andrew Walker Topics

  • Motivation
  • Going from good to great
  • Accepting change
  • Dealing with adversity


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