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Fred Lee

Fred Lee has the unusual distinction of having been both a vice president at two major medical centers and a cast member at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. At Disney, he helped develop and facilitate Disney's health care version of its 3-day seminar, The Disney Approach to Quality Service for the Healthcare Industry, and a new seminar on Customer Loyalty.

With an insiders experience and a keen eye for cultural comparisons between Disney and Florida Hospital, he is author of the best selling health care leadership book of all time, "If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently". In 2005 his book received the Book of the Year Award from the American College of Healthcare Executives and is now available in four languages. It is credited with changing the language of patient satisfaction in hospitals and in the surveys they use, from Service Excellence to the Patient Experience, from Satisfaction to Loyalty and from averaging satisfaction scores to "Top Box" scoring. Mr. Lee started his healthcare career as Director of Marketing and Development at Shawnee Mission Medical center near Kansas City. Then he became a vice president at Florida Hospital in Orlando, now over 2,200 beds.

After he left Florida Hospital to start his own company, he became a trained Baldrige examiner and a consultant in Total Quality Management, educating hospital facilitators in the Deming PDCA process improvement cycle. In 1997 he got his chance to work at Disney, which helped put the finishing touches on a comprehensive approach to patient care.

It is his blending of the scientific principles of quality improvement with the psychology of patient and staff perceptions, along with hospital-based stories and examples, which makes Fred Lee's message unique in this industry.

In 2009, Poudre Valley Hospital in Colorado credited Fred's book with providing the approach that put them over the top in winning the Malcolm Baldrige Award. 

In 2011 he was invited to be one of the featured speakers at the TEDx conference in Mastricht, Netherlands, on innovative concepts in healthcare available on YouTube. Fred now travels nationally and internationally with his wife Aura, conducting all day seminars for hospital managers on how to take a culture from good to great using unique ideas from Disney that are not common in the service industry.

Fred Lee Topics

  • If Disney Ran Your Hospital
    Based on his book, Fred Lee addresses the vexing reality that most of our approaches to patient satisfaction will not lead to patient loyalty. He takes aim at service excellence initiatives, quality and performance improvement efforts, and patient satisfaction surveys, dispelling some of our most cherished beliefs about loyalty and leadership.
  • Understanding Patient Loyalty
    Continued Medical Evaluation (CME) Credit for Doctors.


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