Olga Mizrahi

Olga Mizrahi

Olga I. Mizrahi is the author of Sell Local. Think Global, an Amazon #1 Hot New Release. She evolved into a marketing message expert as a result of having worked as a change agent in the corporate world (at PIMCO and Dole), in academia teaching at UC Irvine Extension, through her own ecommerce and marketing firm and on advisory boards, including the Interactive Advisory Board of PBS SoCal. She was recently featured in Forbes, Fast Company and the AMEX Open Small Business Forum.

Steve Kinney, CEO of Search Optimizers, raves, "We work with hundreds of marketing strategists nationwide, and Olga Mizrahi is the best of the best. Our revenues are up 40% in the two years that we've executed on Olga’s techniques, which shot our prior single-digit growth statistics through the roof!"

These days, Olga delivers accessible advice to entrepreneurs and small business owners through her popular blog, ChunkOfChange.com, regular column in the Long Beach Post, and speaking engagements across the country. In fact, Rose Tafoya, who writes for The Huffington Post, asserts that Olga, "brings a spark to every presentation she delivers." "Olga has a way of getting her point across in a no-nonsense, clear, precise way," continues Rose. "She has you thinking outside the box and motivates you to see the potential in every situation. She never fails to provide relevant information and, because of her clarity ... she adds value to any conference or speaking event."


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