Dr. Wayne Maines

Dr. Wayne Maines

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Dr. Wayne M. Maines is first and foremost the proud father of identical twins, one boy (Jonas Maines) and one girl (Nicole Maines). Wayne and his amazing wife Kelly have worked extremely hard to raise their children in an environment that was not ready for a new generation of transgender children.

Wayne has been Director of Safety/Environmental Management, Transportation and Security at the University of Maine for the past thirteen years. Prior to working at the University of Maine he was the Corporate Manager of Health, Safety and Training for a global chemical products manufacturer. From 1989-92, he was Director of the Institute for Safety and Health Training at West Virginia University.

Wayne is an Air Force veteran, an outdoorsman and basket maker who also has a Bachelor's degree from Cornell University and Doctor of Education from West Virginia University. Wayne has been teaching such topics as Emergency Management, Safety Management and Leadership for 20 + years. He has been a keynote speaker, instructor and workshop leader at the national and state level in his chosen field of work. Now he has turned his attention to using those same skills to introduce the world to transgender children and transgender rights.

Amy Ellis Nutt had brought his family's story to life on a national scale, while also in a kind and honest manner revealing Wayne's struggles as he tried to help keep his family whole. Wayne hopes to help stop bullying, harassment and discrimination for all children that are perceived as being different.

His entire career has focused on motivating people to be safe and change in Corporate America and Higher Education. His goal has been to improve quality of life for everyone by developing and implementing management systems that have a positive for people and impact of their organizations bottom-line.

The same skills and the management tools that he has uses at work are now being retooled and honed to support a new mission. A mission that "provides a safe environment for transgender children to grow, to learn, to be safe and to become productive members of our society."


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