Harvey Alston Books and Media

  • Black Males

    A psychologist, a sociologist, or a trained child-rearing expert did not write Black Males. Instead, it was written by a concerned African-American father who cares deeply about the future of his children and of yours. Alston draws from his own rich cultural experiences as a parent to present a book that takes a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, look at parenting. Black Males is about pride, heritage, integrity, and celebration.

  • Be The Best

    Written in a light, anecdotal style, Be the Best encourages you to be the best you can be- both personally and professionally. Alston puts his energy and enthusiasm into a book that provides step-by-step solutions to personal success and happiness in an extremely readable format. Rags to riches stories inspire most people, which make this book so appealing. It's written by a common man- containing common advice-to common people.







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