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  • The World Needs Your Kid: How to Raise Children Who Care and Contribute

    Inside this guide to parenting is a profound philosophy that encourages children to become global citizens. Drawing on life lessons and success stories Marc and Craig Kielburger demonstrate how small actions make a difference in the life of a child and ultimately change the world.

  • Free the Children: A Young Man Fights Against Child Labor and Proves that Children Can Change the World

    Twelve-year-old Craig Kielburger, upset by a newspaper article about the forced slavery and subsequent murder of a child in Pakistan, began in 1995 to research worldwide injustice against children. Armed with the disturbing facts, he convinced friends at his Canadian grade school to form a group to advocate for children's rights. With world-changing zeal, Free the Children gathered information, wrote world leaders, and led conferences on the issue with other youth. Kielburger himself was given the opportunity to accompany a human rights worker through cities in South Asia.

    The young man witnessed shocking abuse from which most middle-class Western children have been carefully shielded: he met an 8-year-old girl whose job was to recycle bloody syringes without gloves or other protection, children in a factory working with extremely hazardous materials to provide fireworks for a Hindu religious celebration, and children sold for sex on urban streets. On returning to his home in Canada, Kielburger bore witness to what he had seen and asked a simple, devastating question: "If child labour is not acceptable for white, middle-class North American kids, then why is it acceptable for a girl in Thailand or a boy in Brazil?"

    Free the Children is now a powerful organization in support of the world's youth, and this book is sure to be a call to further action--certainly for all young people, and perhaps for many adults who have previously felt hopeless about the possibility of ending abusive child labor and poverty. "We simply do not believe that world leaders can create a nuclear bomb and send a man to the moon but cannot feed and protect the world's children," says the author. "We simply do not believe it."

  • Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship

    * Raise awareness * Start a club * Use the media * Make a difference * Get involved * Choose an issue * Build a team * Have fun!

    Make a difference in your hometown and around the world!

    Inspired by the vision, spirit, and activities of thousands of kids working to improve the lives of others, Take Action! shows how you, too, can change the world. Authors Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger are the founders of Leaders Today, an organization dedicated to helping young people realize their fullest potential and become socially involved. Their remarkable work has been profiled on Oprah and on many national news shows, as well as in magazines and newspapers across the U.S. and Canada. Now, with Take Action!, they provide easy-to-follow guidelines for making a difference in the lives of people all over the globe.

    By following the valuable tips, strategies, and examples in this book, you’ll get organized and start tackling important issues in your community, your school, your country, and around the world. From writing letters and public speaking to planning fundraisers, preparing petitions, and working with the media, Take Action! covers all the basics of how to become socially involved–and have fun at the same time! You’ll discover how you and your friends can join the fight for children's rights, get involved in environmental issues, help those suffering from hunger and poverty, and much more. You'll also meet other extraordinary young people like yourself who turned their thoughts and passion into action and have made a tremendous impact on these issues.

    There are no limits to what you can accomplish. You can be a leader and help others today–all you have to do is Take Action!

  • Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World

    Imagine waking up every morning believing that your actions can make a significant change in the world.

    For everyone who has ever yearned for a better life and a better world, Craig and Marc Kielburger share a blueprint for personal and social change that has the power to transform lives one act at a time. Through inspirational contributions from people from all walks of life and moving stories drawn from more than a decade of their experience as international change-makers, the Kielburgers reveal that a more fulfilling path is ours for the taking when we find the courage to reach out.

    Me to We is an approach to life that leads us to recognize what is truly valuable, make new decisions about the way we want to live, and redefine the goals we set for ourselves and the legacy we want to leave. Above all, it creates new ways of measuring meaning, happiness, and success in our lives, and makes these elusive goals attainable at last.

    After you've absorbed the ideas presented in this book, your life may not end up as you had envisioned. You may not acquire a house on a beach in the Caymans, but you may find your toes grounded in the sand. You may not see an enormous change in your social life, but in your life you may very well see enormous social change. You may not find the person of your dreams, but you will help people young and old go beyond their's. This book will open your eyes and change the way you look at life. Treat it as an invitation: an invitation to discover the power of the Me to We philosophy and to join the growing community of people around the world who are embracing this way of life.







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