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  • Does Anybody Have a Problem with That? The Best of Politically Incorrect

    • People are getting stupider.
    • The National Enquirer is always right.
    • Howard Stern should get over himself.
    • Fame is the worst drug.
    These and countless other strident assertions are contained in Does Anybody Have a Problem with That?, the collection of the greatest hits of Bill Maher's TV series, Politically Incorrect.

  • True Story: A Novel

    The place: New York. The time: the early 1980s. The scene: the red-hot comedy clubs, very late at night. The cast: five would-be stand-ups, their gags, their egos, their girls. The result: True Story, the downright hilarious novel about trying to be funny for fame, fortune, and fornication. Only Bill Maher could've written True Story, so he did. The star of Comedy Central's Politically Incorrect and a regular guest on The Tonight Show, Bill Maher is today one of America's hottest comics. But not so long ago, when even gas stations ran comedy stages, Bill Maher was there, too; True Story is his report from the front, a stageside table at the birth of the comedy boom. You'll laugh in all the right places. Scout's honor. Swear. Hey, it's a True Story.

  • New Rules: Polite Musings from a Timid Observer

    Inspired by a segment from his popular HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, New Rules takes serious aim at a wide range of subjects; from cell phones to the Bush administration and in fact the entire conservative agenda. But few are exempt from his irreverence and acerbic humor - and in this hilariously provocative collection of riffs and rants (illustrated with photos) he offers readers his singularly Maher-ian views of politics, celebrity, technology, etiquette - and so much more.







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