Dr. Marvin Zonis Topics

Dr. Marvin Zonis
  • The 'Islamic State': Will the Barbarians Triumph

  • Will There Be an Israel in 25 Years?

  • Signing Up With Iran: What will the Future Be Like with the Nuclear Deal?

  • Putin and the Glorification of Russia

  • China Confronts the US in Asia -- The most Serious Threat to World Peace

  • The Return of Geo-Political Risk and Its Effect on Global Markets

  • What Must Countries Do to Get Rich?

  • The Globalization of Crime and Its Effect on International Business

  • Unraveling the Fundamental Changes in Global Economic & Political Dynamics: Oil Prices, Recession, Demography and Capital Flows

  • Old Foreign Policy Challenges and New Foreign Policy Risks: Prospects for Business

  • Leadership Challenges in the International Political Economy










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