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Dr. Jeanette Wolfe
  • A Stroke of Insight: Who are you without your limitations?
    Would you like to lose your Identity? How does concept that feel?

    Blow your audience away with this incredibly compelling keynote, and listen in as Jeanette guides them on a journey into the flow, communicating from the space of pure presence, Love, and power characteristic of this magical state of Being, being without Identity, with all limitations removed.

    Jeanette will share her insights, her personal unwinding of her physical limitations after experiencing a stroke and her return to full well being simply by utilizing her inner source of truth. Your audience will come away personally knowing the triumph of the human spirit and form as their concept of limitation drops away, and the truth of their own power of CHOOSING ALL that they are naturally arises.
  • Self awareness and Space: the Gifts of the New Kids.
    Our newest population and the parents, professionals and caretakers who are attempting to support them, are meeting with unprecedented challenges. On the one hand, the children who have been born within the last twenty-five years are more collectively conscious of who they are, their passions, and what they have come to offer humanity than any previous generation. At the same time, their parents are generally part of a population that have collectively fallen deeply asleep to their true selves, making this generation gap feel more like a vast divide.

    These young people come with a soul level directive that drives them from the day they are born. The whole time they are here in a physical form, their bodies are attempting to adjust to the frequency of their soul and its directives. Their DNA is unique. The functioning of the physical systems of their body, organs, brain processing and nutritional needs are all highly different than the generation before them.

    Is it possible that one-fourth to one-third of our children today, are sensitive and have illnesses, allergies, sensitivities, immune system disorders, and other symptoms of living in a toxic physical or emotional environment? Our children's sweet spirits feel pain, distress, and discomfort in their physical bodies. As parents, educators and caregivers, we can become empowered and empower our children, and our first step is to educate ourselves specifically about the solutions that work for your individual experience. Many of these children spend their whole lives attempting to make peace with the density of human form and condition, which comes secondary to an unrelenting internal directive to support humanity. Part of this support is geared toward adding awareness to the medical, education, and parenting models.

    For most, caring for these young avatars is typically a game of "hit and miss" which takes a serious toll on all involved. The challenges of parenting these young people is greatly exacerbated by the exhausting effort required to live in a space of constant "trial and error" regarding how to support their children, in addition to attempting to break through the limitations of professionals who still may believe that bodies are what we are, that minds need molding, and that self-awareness is for the "woo woo" people. Caring for the new kids is a spiritual journey in and of itself!

    Jeanette Wolfe's son Samm, much like all children, is a vast being with multidimensional awareness and sensitivities to subtle energy that seem more fitting for an ancient sage than a teenage boy. But that is the point isn't it? None of these new children are "just children." None of them are simply a body and mind to be filled with the mediocrity that has come before them. They are here to change the world!

    This Keynote explores the truth that lies beyond the body and mind, while at the same time exposing your audience to a level of conscious awareness that is truly worthy of the soul!
    This keynote creates the space for your audience to:
    *Allow themselves to expand beyond their own limitations.
    *Allow themselves to set their children free in the truest sense of those words.
    *Allow their children's experiences to awaken themselves to themselves.

    In this Keynote, Dr. Jeanette Wolfe chronicles the extraordinary journey that she and her son have taken and what has and has not worked for themselves and for many of her patients and clients and to empower your audience and to support them in the integration of ideas, concepts and awareness's that they may not have had words for and perhaps have not dared to allow themselves to explore! Jeanette shares passionately not only as parent, but as an authority, a journey filled with frustrations that gave way to enlightenment, unconsciousness that gave way to self-awareness, and isolation that gave way to the sharing of their combined wisdom.
  • From Ageing to Sageing: A new Context for Flowing Life Transitions.
    In this keynote, Jeanette makes a bold statement... your entire life can be spent in the flow of loving yourself" not just making the "best of your life, and in perpetual youngevity, agelessness and well being. Most of us feel lucky if we find ourselves in the flow of loving our lives every once in a while, a very small percentage of the time, let alone our entire lives. Some may say, oh, I do love myself, I do all the right things to take care of myself, I do spoil myself." The question is are you in full acceptance of yourself? without conditions and comparisons. Like, "I look good for my age, my life is good in the Grande scheme of things, I can't complain..."

    Almost every experience we have affects the body somehow because this is the major vehicle we use to have our experiences. There is a tiny crystalline electromagnetic field around each cell of the body that allows it to retain memory. The cellular aspect of the body either takes on the pain of an event directly or through the emotions that are experienced intensely through the body. These are the parts of the body that become most vulnerable and where we lose our neutrality rapidly. These memories of pain or emotional wounding often cause us to distrust or turn against our bodies. Sometimes we turn against our bodies when we discover that they do not conform to contemporary ideas about beauty and acceptability. They become sources of emotional, mental or physical dis ease and or pain. All lead to ageing. Almost no one is neutral about her or his body. Ask people what they don't like about their bodies and they will give you a laundry list no matter how beautiful or handsome they are. Ask what they like and there is some silence and then they might name one or two things.

    They key here is to notice is loving YOURSELF, NOT just loving a good life. To take this state of being one step further, Jeanette makes another powerful statement by saying that You have the ability to sustain loving yourself and YOUR life all the time, beyond linear time and this is indeed the KEY to youngevity.

    With this ability, if and only if, you were to ever find yourself out of grace and ease and well beingness, you can very easily remember the joy of loving your life and the miracles of perpetual Full Spectrum Alignment in well being, creativity, magic, effortlessness, and abundance.

    With this fresh perspective on Love, your audience will possess the necessary know-how to make lasting, authentic changes in their lives, and even more importantly, to finally be able to show up as who they really are in each moment of their life.
  • Sensory Seduction:
    What don't you know about your relationship with your space and on Creating Synchronous Communication within it? This interactive, eye opening keynote physically draws the audience into their sensory body, beyond the rules of what they have been conditioned to believe should work and into the space of discovering why they feel what they feel in various spaces.

    Color, scent, symbols, shapes, spaces and electronics all affect us deeply & immediately on many levels. And can evoke intense emotions. Why? The answer lies deep in the brain-the more primitive limbic system is connected with involuntary reactions that tell us about our perceptions of the environment via emotional & visceral responses. Brainwave activity, heart rate, respiration, muscular tension & other functions of the autonomic nervous system shift immediately when we are exposed to color & scent.
    Jeanette opens your audience to knowing the esoteric aspects of a space: the underlying "unseen" aspects of the sixth sense and adjusts a space so that your audience will feel the ease and grace of appointing their space. She will physically invite willing participants to experience the very visceral sensations of these concepts for a uniquely eye opening series of AHA moments for the entire audience. You know that old saying, "you could have cut the tension with a knife." We have all experienced that feeling. Energy does linger in a space. Some space is naturally more conducive to certain energies, some just needs a bit of clearing and balancing. Jeanette Wolfe addresses that unseen, "I am not quite sure what is off?" feeling and slides it up the frequency scale so that you and your audience marvel at how wonderful their space can feel.

    The powerful information that Jeanette conveys in this keynote is simple, but has been literally programmed out of human experience for eons. With this fresh perspective and the permission to FEEL their way again, your audience will possess the necessary knowhow to make lasting authentic changes in their lives and spaces at home and on the job, at school and in literally any space they enter. Most importantly they will be able to show up and with a knowing of how to create from the inside out versus the outside in by learning to translate the language the body speaks to its environment.
  • Everflowing Enterprise: Heaven on Earth
    Can you imagine an entire business to be in the flow? Jeanette not only imagines it, she supports you imaging that into your daily reality. And in this keynote, Jeanette will invite your audience of influential business owners in on the dynamics of an "everflowing enterprise", a business that functions fully in the flow of grace, ease and abundance, opening your vision to potential and possibilities beyond your current point of reference and into probability for your flow. Exploring such powerful, pioneering concepts such as "Building your Team with Coherent Communion", "Vibrational Hierarchies", and magnetic marketing with "Essence Branding Blueprints" the participants of this keynote will view their business through a new clear and refined lens, with immediate tools to transform their experience from running their businesses to Everflowing Enterprise overnight. As the queen said to Alice, "Sometimes I think of six I'mpossible things before breakfast." Jeanette does, how about you?










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