Jared Milrad Topics

Jared Milrad
  • Being Your Own Authentic Self
    This speech follows Jared's authenticity journey from becoming a vegan and outspoken animal activist at age 14; to coming out as openly gay in his early 20s; to pursuing leading roles on President Barack Obama's campaigns in 2008 and 2012; to founding his own nationally recognized non-profit organization; to standing up for LGBT equality and pursuing his passion for acting. This talk is intended to be inspirational and to encourage young people to be authentic and true to their own aspirations, passions, and identities.
  • LGBT Issues
    This speech highlights Jared's personal struggle with coming out as openly gay in his early 20s through his involvement with the fight for LGBT equality and his historic role in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign launch video. He provides an overview of the current challenges for the LGBT community, recent developments, and the exciting prospects for our shared future.
  • Social Entrepreneurship
    This speech follows Jared's personal entrepreneurial journey beginning in high school and college when he founded several student organizations to fight for various social causes. He then takes the audience through his experience founding a nationally recognized non-profit organization; receiving public endorsements from a variety of prominent individuals; raising more than $170,000 to support the organization; and ultimately launching the organization in Chicago. This talk encourages young people to craft their own career path and to solve social problems with innovative solutions.










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