Jeannie Walters Topics

Jeannie Walters
  • CXI Digital Experience Topics
    In her role as Chief Customer Experience Investigator, Walters is constantly watching the trends of the new digital tools. In this fun and engaging presentation, she covers the latest and most important ways to interact with customers where they are - on their mobile phones, via social networks, and online.
  • Become Your Company's Customer Experience Investigator
    Walters has spent the last 15 years examining the human side of customer experience. Honest evaluation is the first step in customer experience improvement. Evaluating the true experience of your customers involves more than data and includes understanding the journey of how prospects first become aware of your brand all the way through when they leave you and why.
  • The New Online Customer
    How do you know what your customers are doing in the online world? Jeannie Walters, who writes about this issue as an Editorial Team Member for Social Media Club's global blog, discusses trends, tips and techniques for connecting with your customers (without spooking them!) via online communities and social media.
  • Using Social Media to Improve Experience & Loyalty
    What is social media's role in customer loyalty? It's becoming more important every day. Not just in the way your customers connect with your brand, but also how they connect with others ABOUT your brand. Using these connections as ways to improve loyalty instead of just sales can be a competitive advantage.
  • The Leader's Role in Customer Experience
    Company leaders set the tone for the experience their customers have - whether they know it or not. In this keynote or executive workshop, Walters examines how leaders can set the stage for an exceptional experience.
  • Engaging Employees to Engage Customers
    Employee engagement is a critical factor in customer experience excellence. So how do you ensure your employees are engaged? Walters discusses ways to let your employees feel safe enough to tell you the truth, continue gathering their honest feedback, and help them help your customers in powerful ways.
  • Customer Experience Mapping
    Customer journey mapping and touchpoint mapping are key steps in the journey to improve customer experience. Tackling the entire experience can be daunting. Walters breaks down the process for understanding and buy-in.
  • Microinteractions Lead to Major Engagement
    Also a topic of her TEDx talk, Walters studies these small moments within the great experience on a daily basis. These microinteractions are fleeting but with important consequences. Understanding what microinteractions are and how to make the most of them can lead to an overall improved customer experience.










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