Harvey Alston Topics

Harvey Alston
  • Leadership
    Each group will be given a large paper and each member a different colored marker for their group. They are to write down one characteristic of good leadership and pass it to the person on their right in their group. They go around as many times as they can. Everyone must participate. Then the group will be asked to turn over the paper to draw a picture of a good leader using the characteristics of good leadership. This does not have to be a pretty picture, but one that should illustrate the characteristics. For example, it may have a big "EAR" to illustrate that a leader is a good listener. Have each group share their characteristics and their picture with the entire group. A prize can be given for the "BEST" poster.
  • Excuses vs. Excellence
    The larger group will write down a few excuses they used yesterday. If the group is large, break them into smaller groups, and present the Table Topic question called "consider this". The smaller groups will have to select one of the situations or problems and present the solution to the whole group. Each solution must apply to "The Test" of honesty, integrity, and the good of all and one. Each group will come up with a long list of excuses that they have given over the years. Have them pick the "BEST" top ten excuses and write them down on the Big Paper.
  • Conflicts & Resolutions
    This session will focus on the ability to impact those around them using some of the skills they have learned today and their personal code of conduct. The group will be lead through a worksheet which will teach them how to resolve conflicts. Role play will be used to show some of the daily conflicts that people face in achieving their goals.
  • Integrity
    We first start by asking the following questions, discussing the responses and then sharing the answers with the group. How do you define integrity? What is honesty? Are there varying degrees of honesty? What makes a person dishonest? After the definition of integrity is discussed we will break into smaller groups. Questions will be passed out and the groups will have to come up with some answers on paper. The answers will be presented to the whole group by the smaller groups.
  • Bullying & Hazing
    We first start by asking the following questions, "What is bullying"? What is the difference between having a little fun and hazing? After discussing the responses and then sharing the answers with the group, we will break into smaller groups. Role play situations will be passed out and the groups will have to come up with some answers on paper. The answers will be presented to the whole group by the smaller groups. And then we add the "TWIST" to each situation by changing the charters of who this might have an effect. Each table will have the same topics.
  • Code of Conduct
    Start with sharing your own "credo" or "code of conduct". Have you thought about the rules that guide your life? Do you act as a result of your parents, teachers, or friends expectations? Or do you act because you have decided what you think is right? What influences your life choices? In this exercise you will write your own "code of conduct."
  • Class Room Management
    The program for student behavior, "How well do you like yourself" will teach skills for getting parents involved. We will cover why some students don't understand what they are reading. We will cover strategies for developing trust, power, and rules for raising what is considered to be a delinquent child.
  • Practical Parenting
    We will discuss ways to "Know Your Child's Interests", "Using TV Wisely", "A B C'S of Parenting", "Advice for Living with Pre-Teens", "Parents Watch Your Language", and "Discipline, a Preventive Force".
  • Competent Communication
    This program will build your communication skills, enhancing skills for listening and identifying the obstacles to effective listening. Participants will be involved in adapting to communication with social context and adjusting the physical context of symbolic functional dimensions. We will develop strategies for public group communication with active knowledge of verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Customer Service- S.O.U.L. "Service On Unbelievable Levels"
    We will develop strategies for the BEST customer service by planning the future of your employees. We will research different delivery styles of successful businesses that have an understanding of what it takes to motivate employees. After identifying what the organization has done to improve their service, we will make a plan to change our visions.
  • Climbing the Rough Side of the Mountain
    This program is a highly interactive firm and spirited search for solutions. To provide a variety of educational experiences through the delivery of subjects on the cutting edge of team leadership, and to impart practical skills that will enhance the quality of life by reshaping lost abilities, heighten expectations, rebuild hope, confidence, self-respect and desire.
  • Be the Best
    Harvey has taken his personal proven message - "Be the Best" to literally millions of people. His unforgettable words of individual responsibility for achievement have improved spirits, spurred growth, changes lives. Harvey's powerful, soul-searching presentation uplifts people to a higher standard - to a level where people strive only for the BEST.










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