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  • The Great Reset
    In The Great Reset, best-selling author, speaker, and economic development expert Richard Florida provides an engaging and sweeping examination of these previous economic epochs or "resets," distilling the deep forces that shaped their physical and social landscapes, reshaping economies and societies. Looking toward the future, Florida identifies the patterns that will drive the next Great Reset and simultaneously reshape virtually every aspect of our lives-from how and where we live to how we work to how we invest in individuals and infrastructure, and how we shape our cities and regions. Florida shows how these core elements, when taken together, will spur a fresh era of growth and prosperity, define a new geography of progress, and stimulate surprising opportunities for each of us.

    We've weathered tough times before. They are a necessary part of economic cycles, giving us a chance to clearly see what's working or not in our organizations and communities. Richard's new presentation to these groups, now more than ever encourages them by suggesting they can be reborn in such crises, emerging fresh, strong, and refocused. Richard proposes that now is our opportunity to anticipate what that brighter future will look like and the steps to get us there faster.

    With his trademark blend of wit, irreverence, and rigorous research and analysis, Florida presents an optimistic and counter-intuitive vision of our future with his audience. He calls into question long-held beliefs about the nature of economic progress forcing us to reassess our very way of life.










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