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Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Jeffrey Gitomer Customizes Every Presentation!
    Your seminar will be customized and personalized for your company, your people, and your specific training objectives. Our goal is that your people walk away with real-world ideas they can immediately implement - one minute after they learn them.

    A pre-seminar call with Jeffrey will further outline the scope of the session. Some of the topics to be covered in your seminars may include (but are not limited to):

    *Intelligent Engagement (How to Prepare, How to Engage, and How to Ask Smart Questions)
    *Putting Yourself in Front of People Who Can Say YES to You (Getting to the Real Decision Maker)
    *Understanding (and Uncovering) Your Customer's Buying Motives
    *How to Sell Value, Not Price
    *How to Differentiate From - Not Be Compared To Your Competition
    *Creating a Memorable Customer Experience
    *Becoming a Trusted Advisor
    *Power Presentation Skills
    *The Difference Between Satisfied and Loyal Customers
    *Earning Lifelong Referrals
    *Sales Preparation
    *Creating a Real Difference between You and Other Companies
    *Your Image and Your Brand (How to Create Awareness)
    *How Much is One Customer Worth?
    *The Relationship - How to Connect, How to Build It, and How to Maintain It
    *Business Social Media
    *Overcoming Objections
    *Closing the Sale










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