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Dr. Michael Rubin
  • The Arab Spring Break
    The Arab Spring has turned decidedly chilly. The Civil War rages in Syria and Egypt still reels from its coup. Tunisia teeters and Libya threatens to descend into chaos. "The Arab Spring Break" will look over the horizon at the political and economic challenges which loom, and how the instability of 2012 and 2013 might suddenly seem like the good ole' days.
  • Afghanistan: Back to the Future?
    The United States and its allies will largely withdraw from Afghanistan over the coming year. How might that withdraw shape the future of Afghanistan? Will the Taliban make a comeback? Will Afghan women lose the tenuous rights they have achieved to date? "Afghanistan: Back to the Future?" will show how history has shaped Afghans’ thinking about their future, and consider what Afghanistan might look like in the years to come.
  • Talking to Terrorists
    There is an old adage that goes, “One man's terrorist is another man's terrorist.” While the United States often says it will never negotiate with terrorism, U.S. diplomatic history is rife with outreach to terrorist groups. "Talking to Terrorists" will consider the promise and peril of negotiating with terrorists, from the IRA to the PLO and from Hamas to Hezbollah.
  • Pakistan's Double Game
    In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Pakistan's president famously declared Pakistan an ally of the United States in its battle against terrorism. Yet, in Afghanistan, India, and with Al Qaeda, Pakistani authorities appear complicit in terrorism. Drawing on interviews with senior Pakistani political and intelligence officials, "Pakistan's Double Game," will explain how Pakistan thinking has diverged from the United States with regard to terrorism and radicalism, and where the Pakistan-U.S. relationship might head in the future.
  • Turkey: Ally or Adversary?
    Successive American presidents considered Turkey a key American ally and a model for the Middle East. Over the last decade, however, Turkey has changed. "Turkey: Ally or Adversary" will trace the growth of Islamism and anti-Americanism within Turkey, the declining situation of Turkish women, and Turkey's shift from Europe to the Middle East before considering whether Turkey today is more an adversary than an ally for the United States and Europe.
  • The Theological Roots of Islamic Terrorism
    For policymakers, religion is not simply what theologians say it is, but rather what its practitioners believe it to be. While most Muslims may be peaceful and moderate, the extremist fringe interprets Islam to justify terrorism. "The Theological Roots of Islamic Terrorism" will highlight how extremists think, how extremists brainwash suicide bombers, and the challenges moderates face when confronting an extremist fringe.
  • The Iranian Challenge
    Talk will go behind the headlines to discuss the secret history of U.S. and Iranian relations in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution. While diplomats struggle to resolve conflicts over Iran's nuclear program and terrorism, the shadows of the past impact the future. From the hostage crisis to the Iran-Contra Scandal, and from the Iron Fist to the Outstretched Hand, "The Iranian Challenge" will show just how many impediments exist on both sides of the conflict, and offer predictions as to the future.










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